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In the beautiful Winelands of Franschhoek there is a creative space where you can achieve your musical desires. We are a recording studio that will make sure that your ideas and concepts be brought to life through high quality music production services such as recordings, mixes and masters. Accommodation and a culinary experience is provided to make sure that the creative juices never stop flowing.




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Owald van Schalkwyk is our music producer and sound engineer. He is a Cape Audio College graduate and has since worked with many artists local and international. He has over 10 years experience working in the music industry. His productions have gained hundreds of thousands in online streams and have been aired on multiple radio stations across South Africa.

Please note: Pricing differs according to the scale of the project. Please contact us here with a detailed description of your project and you will be quoted accordingly.

Music Production

An all in one package. We will assist you through the process of taking your original material and creating a professional music production that will be ready for streaming and radio-play.

Musical Consultation
Session Musicianship

Mixing Your track can be mixed to achieve any style or sound that you may be going for. This is the process of assembling various parts of a multitrack recording into a standard stereo track.
Mastering The final step of audio production. This will ensure that your track is optimized for playback across all systems and media formats.
Recording Your music will be professionally captured and ready for the next step of production.
Music Production Classes Learn how to take a track from an idea to a reality. We have qualified sound engineers and producers who can show you the ropes in all DAWS from Logic Pro X to Cubase.
Voice Overs Need your voice artist captured? Need spoken words recorded for TV, radio or any media platform? We can provide high quality recordings handled by a qualified sound engineer.
Foley & Sound Design We can design sound effects of any nature or create any audio landscape that you desire.